Where does AJBees sell arrangements/flowers?

AJBees sells locally in and around the city of Boston at pop-up shops and other special events throughout the year. To find out where I'll be next, be sure to follow AJBees on Facebook & Instagram.

How do I purchase an arrangement available on

Please contact AJBees using the "CONTACT" form or send an email to and include the name of the arrangement you would like to purchase.

Do you create custom arrangements?

Yes. I'd love to work with you to create a custom one-of-a-kind arrangement.

Where do I pick up my arrangement/order?

AJBees is operated out of my design studio in the South End of Boston.

When can I pick up my order?

To schedule a pickup time, please contact AJBees.

Does AJBees deliver?

Delivery is only available in the city of Boston, MA.

What is the delivery fee?

Delivery fee in the city of Boston is $15.00

Does AJBees offer shipping?

Due to the delicate craftmanship of the arrangements. Shipping is not available.

When do I pay for my arrangement/order?

Payment can be made at time of pickup.

What payment methods are accepted?

Payment can be made with cash, credit, and/or debit. Personal checks are not accepted.

How do I contact AJBees?

Send an email to

What are the flowers made out of?

Flowers are made using all different types of paper and floral wire is used for the stems. When handling your arrangement, do NOT put pressure on the bouqet as the floral wire will bend and your arrangement WILL be damaged!

How do I care for my paper flowers?

Paper flowers are relatively low maintenance but they ARE very delicate and WILL break if dropped. It is best to put them in one place and leave them there! Avoid placing your arrangement in rooms with fluctuations of temperature and humidity.